Fred Harrison

Mr. Harrison began his career as a Financial Consultant with the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company in 1973. He became involved in the area of Qualified Retirement Plans and followed the evolution of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) from Congressional committee to law (September 1974). For the past 25 years he has been a consultant to individuals, corporations, accountants, attorneys and financial institutions. His extensive experience in qualified plan design and implementation, includes employee presentation and communications, as well as investment policy development and execution.

Mr. Harrison is currently the sole shareholder and President of FLH Management Services, Inc. which he formed in 1976. As President and a shareholder of Professional Pension Planners, Inc. (PPP) which was created in 1989, his corporate responsibilities include the marketing and administration of the firm’s consulting services to all types of clientele.

Mr Harrison received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Pace University in 1968. He has been a panel member for the Life Underwriters Association of Westchester and has made numerous presentations to General Agencies and their financial consultants.